I watched this dog lie down for what looked like the last time, this morning.


The concrete was too cold to be lying on, like that. And he was too still.


For too long.

Time passed. She looked upset. I waited…


Nobody stopped, nobody did anything. More time passed.

And then he got up!




I grinned too.


Then they went home!


A Christmas tree pop-up on Seventh Avenue.




They’re passing ‘The Pleasure Chest’.


The view from the front door of my uni today, looking up Fifth Ave. Empire State Building (found it!)


Angled selfie


And in classes today;


We had to summarise all our (Un) Fashion projects today, show the research etc. Here are some odd bits that slipped through;




This was a denim shirt and a pair of silk pants




My work on the left.


S’s presentation (with head piece) included our painting, on her photos.







Tonight this mobile, talking, advertising truck pulled up out the front of my place. The displays in the back rotated (except the broken one), the engine ran, the talking was continuous. It was dark and raining. No-one stopped to look.

And then it drove on!



My receipts. The cost of living in Noo Yoik for a semester (and OCD).

Happy birthday, C. xx

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