Openings and Closings and The Things That Can’t Be Said.

One of  my Prof’s has a solo show up in The East Village and we went to the opening. It was completely Noo Yoik; five storeys up in a building with apparently no stairs, one lift, and a long, loud, and fairly stationary queue, on the street.


When we got up the room was long, loud and fairly stationary too.


I felt unusually socially connected at this opening (in that a few of the crowd were my classmates) so did what I more often just observe the regular Noo Yoik opening crowds do, which is chat and chat as though there are no works on the walls. See no-one in this pic is looking at the works? That was me too. I only photographed a few. It was hard to get far enough away from them to photograph them, as well as a bit awkward halting conversations in order to look at them.


The works were ace. Photographs from Southern Utah, where she has travelled to and camped in for three summers now (they say summers). They are made with multiple exposures, and the compression of numerous points of view in a single frame. So, see in the pic above there are two or three horizons? Others had a tripod and camera in the shot, facing the camera, as well as doubled and inverted layers.


These ones are four layers, I think, all opposing one another. So the middle becomes an abstract shape.


That’s my Prof’s forehead in the centre, facing left, and this is about as close as I got to asking her about them.

Openings are funny beasts; they are events, really…

I had a class with her today and she lamented not having had a chance to speak with me (she’s very polite). I asked about what sort of conversations she was having, and she rolled her eyes and explained that people ask and talk about the most removed and ridiculous things. She wonders, as they ask, why they are asking her that, just now. She is busy all night being interrupted and excusing herself and gesticulating greetings and graciousness and gregariousness all at once and came to class today apologising for her croaky voice and proximity to illness. The work she made has got nothing to do with any of that. Openings are events, really; parties, with all the regular social gymnastics that parties require.

The show is called ‘Four Shoulders and Thirty Five Percent Everything Else’. It’s a ref to a body being 65% water, so 35% all other matter.




This is a tiny image, and there were a whole series of them. Huge landscapes with a spindly tripod and a body, set into a lot of black mount.


She’ll be giving a lecture about her work in the gallery in December, when I’m still here and the show will still be up. I’ll go, and listen (she’s worth listening to), and see them properly.

Katherine Hubbard. Four Shoulders and Thirty Five Percent Everything Else.  (A link to her work would be very convenient here, but my blog won’t let me do that. Look it up, eh!) (And if you’re good at looking things up, look up how to fix my blog so I can post links and let me know, eh!) (I’ll quit using so many brackets, in return)

Downstairs there was another opening. It was an equivalently beautiful room, with more space to see the room…


It’s Sam Lewitt, Casual Encounters, in the Miguel Abreu Gallery.


The works are acid etched copper. Huge. Apparently made to reflect the room they are in.










Afterwards, walking home, we got lost…

This morning at 7am I took this;


We drank coffee and talked about saying goodbye. I got ready for uni and he got ready for a long plane ride, and as I left we tried to say goodbye. I came back at lunchtime and we walked to the subway and said goodbye. He went through the gates and I stayed behind and we tried to call out goodbye. He walked down the ramp turning sometimes and we tried to gesticulate goodbye. Then there was just a crowd and I looked into it for a while and wished I could call him back so I could say goodbye.

2 thoughts on “Openings and Closings and The Things That Can’t Be Said.

  1. I like Sam Lewitt’s long spindly one, but of course I am just talking about aesthetics here. I don’t think I cd do Noo Yoik – I’m not a queue kinda person.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some copper etching! But what I love more is being caught offguard by a very sweet story, saying goodbye x

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