12 thoughts on “Hacked By MuhmadEmad

  1. Dear Eugenie,
    That is a remarkably achievement.
    Thank you for providing such an inspiring and profound insight to your life for the past months that have been long and so short!
    I am so impressed with your discipline and enthusiasm.
    I did miss a bunch of posts but I was always excited to read and see all the images that portrayed the daily life of Noo Yoik!
    Thank you, Alya.

  2. So glad you had this opportunity Eugénie!!
    Good luck in all your future endeavours!!
    Anamaria xxx

  3. Hi Eugénie,
    Enjoyed your blog entries and stories and seeing parts of new york.
    Lovely you are on your way home.
    What a stretching and challenging time.
    Carol S.

  4. Hey Eugénie,

    Welcome back to Oz! It’s been a joy to share your day to day experiences, as you navigated NoiYoick! Look forward to hearing some more stories first hand in the near future.

    Hope to see you soon,


  5. Thank you so much for tracking me down and returning my USB stick.
    If you hadn’t I would never have read your amazing blog.
    It really is a small world, really.
    See you ’round.

  6. Eugenie, my dear friend,
    you are rocking this blogging gig and this life in genral. That is all.


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