It Snowed! (much excitement x1)

This is my fast walk to Uni this morning;

When I came back out of the building it was snowing! I gaped and turned in circles for a while and wanted to marvel at it with my little crowd who were organising their back packs and umbrellas and smiling politely at my exclamations but were gone by my next rotation. I felt very Australian.

I took some pics, but snow is oh so difficult to photograph! It looks like messy rain unless it’s accumulating on the ground prettily (that is, you really had to be there).

This is outside Arnold Hall, looking across 13th Street:












This evening I showed my apartment to 3 people over about 2 hours. A forth appointment didn’t show. I’ve already toured 5 people (I think, and pardon the grandiose term – I’m copying my landlord, who is in Morocco, hence my task. Is that too many sub-clauses?), but so far none of them have signed up to rent it after I go. My sell job is ramping up progressively in the hope I don’t have to do it too many more times.



And these are some pics of what I hope will form into my final performance work;












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