Almost done

The semester is nearly done, and I’ve been negotiating with my Prof’s to use up untaken absences and make some presentations before they’re due and so be able to finish everything earlier than I’d thought and go home! One of my classes has completely wound up already, and one is running down the way classes will when the arc of the semester is almost back to alighting level, so only two are left to contend with. I’ve written two letters to ask for special consideration to condense up my last days and if that all comes together I’ll talk to Qantas. I’m emptying out my locker and trying to give my things away to people that are trying to give their things away. I’m putting clothes into my suitcase instead of back into the cupboard. I’ve stopped buying food (that is, milk) for the fridge. I’m saying more goodbyes each day to uni odd-bods as I pass them in the street or the corridor, and I’m taking longer looks at the things I may not ever look at again.

I still buy a coffee in the morning each day though, sit on the balcony in a puffy jacket and my biggest scarf and gloves, cuddling it, and take photos.


The deteriorating U-Haul truck still appears sometimes, gets more tickets, and then departs.










This girl passed almost every day. I got to know her orange wheels.




This morning before I left


The thrift store next to uni. It’s colour co-ordinated. And grouse. I’ll miss it.

And an early dinner tonight, uptown a bit, after three of us helped  J take a 6ft x 6ft canvas back to her apartment (which didn’t look like it had a 6 ft x 6 ft wall for it to go on). We didn’t ever establish an efficient, ergonomic, or busy sidewalk appropriate way to carry it; it was just too big to do other than block the way and interfere with everyones progress. American’s are mostly fine with having their way blocked and their progress interfered with, though, so the task was heavy and the trip long but the whole occasion jovial. The cars are the same, is my impression, the American’s (perhaps just Noo Yoikers, I didn’t go anywhere else) are often quite ok with grid locks, sudden arrivals in their path, slow cyclists and meandering pedestrians. They toot, but don’t seem to be put out. Yesterday outside uni I watched two buses stop in the middle of Fifth Avenue, so the drivers could converse (with intermittent laughter and large sign language) through their open windows. The parked cars, double parked cars, delivery vehicles, and food vans on either side of the buses meant that the whole Avenue was halted by their long conversation, but nobody was upset. They just waited behind them, and proceeded again with them.


The local (Flatiron district) doggy day care. There are lots of these. Leo was apparently well behaved, just not very photogenic.










We ate at this very American Diner on Sixth Ave and 22nd Street corner, which is the heart of the Flatiron district. The Flatiron building is half a block away, but we didn’t pass it and I still haven’t photographed it, unlike the rest of Noo Yoik’s visitors.  This is looking out the front windows of the diner as we waited. Spoiler alert for the video; nothing happens.

I don’t think, on the whole, I’ll miss American food…

4 thoughts on “Almost done

  1. I am familiar with that utterly compelling need to get home Right Now. You’ve done well. Hope you can get home early.

  2. Hi Eugenie,
    I can’t believe you are coming home already…I feel like that went so fast.
    I think I missed a bunch of posts but it was always impressive to catch them, all with so much flair and enthusiasm.
    Just wondering when are you back? Maybe I can still try and have my friend in Newburgh contact you? I haven’t been very good at contacting her.
    Meanwhile, I have to figure out what I will be doing next…
    Hope to catch up with when you get back.

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